The company

L’ ESS, the historic brand in the world of sports equipment, operates in synergy with the company VENETA GUARNIZIONI (by Piero Prosdocimo) which joined the industry after being a supplier itself for the “I – Glitti” brand. The latter was one of the first to introduce in the roller ski market models with a frame in composite material, leaving behind the traditional processes using aluminum.

L’ ESS’ s thirty-year experience along with its promoter Evio Tiozzo, have found a new impulse for a new challenge to create a product that is more attentive to the needs of the more evolved athlete. This product is designed not only for activity specific or high level of competition in the sport of roller skies, but also for working out and training with a closer simulation to cross-country skiing in winter.

The company is proud to offer a full range of technologically advanced products, specifically designed to satisfy all the needs of all users: sportspeople of all levels, from athletes to fans. There is only one last model missing: “The Perfect One”. L’ ESS is still working on that one.