3wk nis


Roller ski for the classical technique; mainly thought for competitions but also great for training purposes.


Frame in aluminium alloy 40 x 21; variable thickness and shaped for the attachment of the bindings NIS, without screws; it is also possible to attach traditional screw-on bindings; rear component in tecnopolimer LCF attached through screws to the aluminium frame; rear axle blocked through injection. Front axle blocked to the frame through a joint. (see image for details)


Rear wheel diameter 100 x 19; front wheel 100 x 24; all available with ratchet bearings. Tread in PU, available in hardness SH 78, color: bright fuchsia.
Wheel rim in tecnopolimer LCF.

Wheels´ axle spacing:

660 millimeters.


1840 grams, the pair.

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