1981 L’ ESS was born and began its operations almost simultaneously with the very idea of roller skies. The new sports equipment was designed to ensure a realistic simulation of technical movements of cross-country skiing and consequently allowed the athlete to specifically train in conditions of “no snow”.

At the beginning of the 80’s the models on the market were still quite rudimentary. L’ ESS starts its main activity, and thanks to the collaboration with the Engineer Julius Tobaldo, designs a model of roller skies with a cushioning system for the company Morotto Ski of Cortina d’ Ampezzo.

On an aluminum frame of a square section 25 x 25, the model MOROTTO SKIWAY was created, which attempts a more comfortable use of the sports equipment which was up to that moment excessively rigid.

1986 A major step forward within the whole sector is accomplished when L’ ESS set up and developed a new profile for the frame using aluminum alloy UNI 3571. These combined characteristics of elasticity and strength obtained advantages of lightness and comfort, eliminating thus mechanical complexity of the previous model. In particular, the rounding of the edges of this profile is the winning move to defeat the point of fragility typical of the previous structures, which typically lead to the breakage of the frame.

This new Product line, destined to become a standard within the industry, is marketed by models with the brand SKIWAY.

2005 L’ESS is the design base of the system I-GLITTI, authentic revolution within the world of roller ski, with the use of the two different materials (metal + plastic).

2008 The natural evolution has brought about a change in the new models in terms of materials used: prepreg in carbon fiber on the outside that goes to substitute a plastic material, and an internal structure that allows shock absorption. This results in light weighting products which are resistant and flexible resembling more to the typical characteristics of skies.

2010 According to the L’ ESS philosophy, there has been the necessity to create a roller ski which resembles in its usage, as much as possible a ski. Hence the creation of a product that combines all the best characteristics based on all the previous experiences. Our research has consequently introduced inedited materials into this sector such as tecnopolimeri combined to a structure of variable profile and wheels specifically studied to obtain the best balance when in use. The result is a resistant and elastic roller ski with no vibration impact to the user. This is the best that can be achieved. It is up to you to judge.